Sand Castles

Ecclesiastes 1:2 – “ Life is fleeting, like a passing mist.
        It is like trying to catch hold of a breath;
    All vanishes like a vapor; everything is a great vanity.

 – The VOICE

5550623402_4320068e17_zLife. Breathe it in.
Breathe out.
It is all but a simple breath.
One line on a page.
The dot at the end of our sentences.
The breath between our words.
We are the pause while God wonders what next to create.
We are clumps of clay in toddler fists.

All those great towers we work so hard to build
cannot hold back the dancing waves
cresting on the shore.
No amount of shouting or raised fists
can hold back the rain.
Sand castles
competing for attention.
Constantly crumbling.

Vapor. Dust. Breath.
A drop of rain in the ocean.
A snow flake lost in the swirling storms of life.
Here today. Gone tomorrow.
A vapor. Dust. Breath. Sand castles.

Life happens in this moment right now.
None of us can start our life tomorrow.
No one can hold time in a bubble.
It will always escape us.
The only thing we have is today.
Today’s smiles and struggles.

What are those struggles of yesterday?
Bills and paychecks both meet paper shredder
The same way
Every time.
High school traumas disappear behind gray hair clouds.
Lost lovers break our heart, but heart can mend.
To a child the world is ending all the time.
That toy that is broken.
That vegetable they must eat.
That time they have to leave a friend’s house.
Bed time tears.
Dust on a camera lens before the picture snaps.
A breath. Vapor. Sand castles.

Why argue about the past?
Why worry about the future?
What does the falling sky mean to someone who never looks at it?
What are those things that we laugh about later?
What are those arguments, squabbles?
Those moment when we have to be right.
Those times when we just can’t get along.
When we put ourselves higher than everyone else.
Dust in the sun rays.
Sand castles in a storm.

Release those moments to God.
He holds all those cells together in your body.
You have no control over it.
He takes the smashed pieces of our hearts from the dust.
We can never keep it together.
He fashions us into something different, something better…
Something new.
And he does it today.
Not tomorrow. Not yesterday.
God lives in the omnipresent now that is gone before out next breath.

3760119097_7a84b1378e_zLet us not worry about sand castles
Or try to hold our fists tight with dried clumps of clay.
What grown up is still torn to pieces at their smashed castles?
Most of us.
All of us.
All of us who are in the future and the past.
None of us that walk with God where he is,

So be now.
When the waves lap at the shore
Get your feet wet.
When they crash down on your castles
Sing in the rain.
And after the storm
Splash in the puddles of the past.
Breath in. Breathe out.
That moment is now gone.
So what will happen in your next breath?
Where is God?
Where are you?
Where am I?

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