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Remember this old photo? It is my original half-done concept cover for Amber Bridge. Why, do you ask, am I talking about some silly looking photo that was created while half asleep and generally bored? It might be that Amber Bridge has a new cover, and it might be that this cover is the “official” cover. By “official” I mean it has a reason to have a cover, and that reason is that it is done! After writing and re-writing and squeezing it through multiple layering of editing, this little story is ready for consumption. True, it is no 5-course meal, but it also is no speck of sugar on your tongue. This little novelette is a snack to get you through those cravings. (Don’t ask me what cravings. This metaphor broke down a while ago.)

front-coverAmber bridge is set to officially release on July 7th. You can currently pre-order it on Smashwords and it will soon be available for pre-purchase on my local store. For more information about Amber Bridge, here is the official back-flap excerpt. “A man searches for the meaning of life: stuck in neutral between the green light of birth and final Red Light. Everyone has a choice: follow the amber lights along life’s bridge, or simply sit, watching them burn. What lies at the end of this bridges, that place where the amber lights meet? Where will the Amber Bridge take this man, his thoughts, and life?”

If you interested in any way, please don’t hesitate to pre-order this book for just $1, or you can hesitate, but only to wait for the book to be available at my local store. After that, hesitation is just mean. I have some little tags ready that say “I am a meanie” on them, and they will end up heading your way if you ignore my blatant self promotion!

(Edit: Amber Bridge now available for pre-purchase at my local store.)

PS: So, those tags I was telling you about. They really exist guys…


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