What is art?

In a word: art is freedom. The freedom to think what we want to think, write what we want to write, paint what we want to paint. It is the connection of one thought, one emotion, one inspiration to the next, all holding hands to form a beautiful chain. Who can say where it begins? Who can say where it should end? Art is the freedom to be inspired, create from inspiration, and inspire in return.

Inspiration knows no bounds, no jail cells can hold it back. It ebbs and flows as desire and nature directs. Who can lock it in a box? Who can slap on a set of rules, regulations to keep it in place, to limit art? The world loves its rules, loves its laws, all those perfect boxes in a row, but art cannot fit in a box. We try to place it there, close the lid, seal it shut, but it slips between the cracks like strands from a steaming kettle. Force it down, seal it up, and soon that container will explode, like a frozen soda can, spilling contents from their shell: spilling art.

Art cannot be locked, controlled, told what to do. It is like a rebellious teenager, acting out simply because it can. You tell it “red doesn’t belong with blue,” and it makes purple. You tell it, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but they can’t make art,” and it creates another Stonehenge, an artist’s monument made of stone, defying those laws. You tell it, “never start a sentence with because.” Because you said that, it chooses to.

What is art? In a word: art is freedom.

Because of the nature of art, I do not believe in Copyright in its truest form, but instead use Creative Commons licensing. For this reason, the following disclaiming is in the credits section of my most recent release Dark Messages. I hope it inspires you: inspires you to create art.

This world is a place of inspiration. Licensing this work under a Creative Commons licence allows me (the author) to share the results of such inspiration freely while, at the same time, allowing you (the reader) to take hold of the magic of these words and shape them, mould them, and make them into something new. Inspiration should not be locked away. Art should not be restricted. Restrictions are rules, and rules go against the very nature of art itself. If you are inspired to create new art based on the existing words here-in, I allow it. No, I encourage it. Art is created on the building blocks of inspiration, and inspiration flourishes through its consumption. From inspiration, to art, to inspiration again, let us make the world a better place one book, one story, one phrase, and one word at a time.

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