Kinshield’s Redemption by K. C. May

The Rating: 
Mature-content Rating: PG-13 (for profanity, sexually suggestive language, and fantasy violence.)

The Good:

A beautiful end to a beautiful series. K.C. May does it again. After being less than impressed with the conclusion of Well of the Damned, it was great to see that this book tied the series off with a nice little red bow at Christmas time. It struck me while reading this book that K.C. May does not have a lot of the things in her writing style that usually make me fall in love with a book. I am enraptured by beautiful prose that paint the scene with words as easily as a painter’s brush. I like to feel my mouth water with the roasted chicken on the spit, or feel the goosebumps as snow whips through tired boughs of trees. Beautiful feeling can be experienced through well crafted prose that does not bog the story down, but adds to the flavour of everything being experiences.

Don’t get me wrong. K.C. May does not write bad prose, but this is never what drew me into her writing. Half way through this book, while I was enjoying it so much, I stopped and scratched my head, “What is it about May’s writing that makes me not want to put the book down?” I’m sure it is a lot of things combined… the short chapters that keep things going. The jumping POVs between prominent characters that gives me a fully formed idea of what is going on in everyone’s head(s), but most importantly it is story and characters that sell this book (and the the Saga as a whole). When Gavin was telling stupid jokes about making his own bubbles in the bath I had to sigh and say, “Oh, Gavin” with the rest of the characters in the scene. Why? Because after reading four books with the man, I feel like I know him. Every character has their own mannerisms that make them distinct from each other to the point that even simple scenes with Gavin entertaining his family can be the most memorable of moments.

The plot comes together well, and even the small holes I found in it had nothing to do with the plot at all, but the character flaws of those engaged. I found myself talking to the character, saying things like, “Why are you doing that! I know a better way!” or “No, stop being a moron.” Sadly though, my words did not reach their ears, and poor choices were made, the consequences being discovered too late.

The Bad:


This is not just a book, it is an adventure with well rounded characters and a plot that will enrapture you from beginning to end. Similarly (though not really at all) this is not a review, but a praise fest of Kinshield’s Redemption, the Kinshield Saga as a whole and K.C. May for capturing my imagination for more hours in a row than is healthy or sane.

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