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This site is dedicated to bringing you the best of indie speculative fiction and the best of DRM-free. Read about other indie authors through my reviews, or follow me on my own writing journey. I am seeking to make the world a better place, one book at a time, through reading, writing, and reviewing.

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Daniel J. WeberI am a writer primarily. I say primarily because how can one describe themselves completely with just simple words. If anyone can describe something using words, a writer should have the right to do so… and since I’m a writer, I guess I qualify for self-description.

I write whatever comes to mind, but general enjoy delving into things of a fantastic nature. (Does that make my writing fantastic? I will leave that to your discernment.) I like to write about topics and themes concerning self-discovery, self-esteem, and how the world around us effects who we were, are, and will become.

Where I live in particular is of little consequence, for I spend much of my time in my own imagination. If, however, you were to ask me, I would say Canada in general and Northern Ontario in particular.

I am an avid supporter of all things DRM-free. Through writing, reading, and reviewing, I seek to make the world a better place one book at a time.

Where else you can find me rambling?
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  1. Daniel,
    I ‘chatted’ with you on facebook – yeah, I’m the one who dreamed of… I’m sure you remember. And gosh, the wild dream ride continues…
    I read your first two stories “Undying Memories’ and ‘A mile in my shoes’ and I also read your piece on dreams. ok. Let me back up. I told you I am a dream person – did you check out our website yet? One of the keystones in the dream work that we do is this: after our dreams are “worked” (a collaborative process between analyst and dreamer) we are given “homework”, which is a way to anchor the dream message into our daily life. My recent homework was to “feel the fear and grief as the mother whose son died”, which, yep, you guessed it, came from a dream where my son died and I am handed a cluster of rods and I feel fear and then crumple in grief. Also, about two weeks ago, I dreamed that my father handed my husband a pair of his shoes as he was heading to a doctor appointment with and for my son. And I have to say, reading your stories brought me deeply into my own soul work, giving it more breath…
    I want to try to be somewhat clear here. I am not a ‘woo wooo’ type person. The work that I do with my fellow colleagues is powerful and transformative stuff. On a soul level it can feel radioactive – but it is profoundly linked to the soul of the dreamer and the dream messages – and not to the world per se. Yet somehow, and for some reason, the Archetypes (the big shots who deliver the dreams to us) for what ever reason, linked me to you.
    I will share one more thing for now. When I read this, “If you are inspired to create new art based on the existing words here-in, I allow it. No, I
    encourage it. Art is created on the building blocks of inspiration, and inspiration flourishes
    through its consumption. From inspiration, to art, to inspiration again, let us make the world a
    better place one book, one story, one phrase, and one word at a time.” I felt profoundly moved – I felt my world shift, tilt sideways, maybe completely upside down – like when I look for a long time at a waterfall and then the solid rock on either side of the water starts rising upstream and tilting… I will share more about this after I process it a bit more in my own soul.
    I have not a clue where this is going, but I feel compelled to say hello again and share this all with you. For better or for worse.

    • It is always great to hear that someone has been moved by my writing. As an artist, this is profoundly encouraging. It is amazing that the words I have written are able to travel with you while walking through life, live your dreams, and look at waterfalls until the rock starts to rise.

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