About the Site

This site is dedicated to filling in the gaps between ideas and reality. I don’t just work for you. I work with you. I want to make your projects shine. Whether it be audio work or the written word, everything needs a touch of enhancement. Let’s make a spark in the world, together.

About Me

I am a lover of words, stories, and music. I spend a lot of my time reading or writing. I often find myself mentally correcting things as I read them and cringing when forced to listen to poorly edited and optimized audio files. I like things to be good and right and work hard to get them there.

My background is in psychology. It gets me excited to see people thriving, doing what they love, and growing into better versions of themselves every day. I enjoy witnessing and experiencing the wonderful things that our creative minds can come up with. I love music: listening to it, creating it, and refining it.

Where else you can find me

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Contact me directly at contact@digerbop.ca

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